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Los Angeles Mission Experience

July 8th - July 15th, 2017

$550 - $650

The West Coast calls. LA provides a lot of incredible opportunities to serve, learn, and grow. We intend to work with church plants and church revitalization projects in the southwest LA region. If you are in High School, pray hard, and ask the Holy Spirit if this is the right opportunity for you.

When signing up, please input attendees info (students and adults sign up separately). There will not be corporate fundraisers for this event. Please try to make a $65 payment each month to affirm your commitment to attend and help hburg stay ahead of planning.

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Nashville Mission Experience

July 9th - July 13th, 2017

$250 - $300

The Nashville Experience sets the tone for years to come. We want to fix our students up with a worthy understanding on ministry and mission. This experience takes the aspect of an international trip, and plants it right in the middle of Nashville. We are working with an organization called Mobilizing Students as we we witness to the numerous immigrants that now call Nashville home.

Please sign up by using name of attendee (not parent name, unless parent is attending, if parent is attending they must fill out separate sign up). Only one medical form per calendar year is required. If a 2017 medical form has been turned in for another event you can skip forms.


Super Summer

July 17th - July 21st, 2017

$150 - $225

Super Summer is a unique summer camp experience for students who have completed the 8th grade, but not yet in college. Three focus areas drive the strategy and teaching of Super Summer faculty: leadership, discipleship, and evangelism. This is not a camp for everybody! There are several difficult requirements but key among them is your proven leadership ability in your church. You must sign-up to be interviewed by one of the student staff for Super Summer admission. No one is automatically enrolled!!!!!

July 17-21, 2017 at Mississippi College

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Cuba Camp Assist

July 29th - August 4th, 2017


We have recently been invited to help with a christian kids camp in Cuba. The camp is Monday to Friday (July 31-August4). We will fly out on a Saturday so we can worship with our Cuban family on Sunday.

Space is limited to around 6. If we have more we may be able to have 2 groups in Cuba but only one would be at camp. They others might work with house churches (maybe doing Backyard Bible Clubs and rec oriented fellowships).

We will apply for religious visas and will be approved for the religious activity planned for us.

Passion Conference 2018 - College & Seniors Only

January 1st - January 3rd, 2018

$0 - $275

Passion conference is a college conference that allows a select number of High School seniors to attend. Sign-Up today for this can't miss opportunity.